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First, our son loves it here. He has been excited to show off everything he is learning for martial arts. As parents we see he has been learning so much more. Simple things like keeping his locker together, being more responsible with his stuff, and more. The teachers are all amazing and fun. Mom and dad have full time jobs so school that gets out at 2 and no school on Fridays makes things tricky. Thank goodness NCMA can pick him up from school and take him to do homework, martial arts, arts and crafts and games! I highly recommend to just about anyone.- Kathleen McNary

My son has been going to NCMA’s afterschool program (and now their absolutely amazing summer camp), and we love the studio! He initially was apprehensive about the karate classes because group classes were overwhelming and too loud for him, but the trainers discussed my son’s needs with me and gradually integrated him into the classes. Now he wants to become a black belt! If you have a kid with sensory issues and are struggling to find appropriate after-school program, this is a great option!- Nika Antonikova